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Meet the Walthour Family!

“The rewards for giving a child a home and love are incomparable!”

Meet Angelica Grace, a recently adopted 17-year-old who is known for her friendly, outgoing personality. After having lived in foster care for almost five years, Angelica is thankful to finally have found a permanent family.

Her new parents, Mark and Vallerie Walthour, couldn’t be prouder of their daughter. They boast, “Angelica is an honors student. She enjoys theater, singing, and playing musical instruments. Angelica loves being a part of a family.”

Several factors motivated the Walthours to adopt after they had already raised four sons to adulthood. Adoption had long interested them, they always wanted a daughter, and a local PSA campaign alerted them to the need for families to adopt older foster youth. When they learned of Angelica through a TV segment of KSNV NBC’s Wednesday’s Child, they realized that she would mesh well with their family and lifestyle. They point out, “We are retired seniors, so a young child wouldn’t fit into our lives.” The Walthours’ sons are all married with children of their own, and the oldest son now has a grandchild.

Throughout the adoption process, Mark and Vallerie gained skills in advocating for themselves and for Angelica’s best interests. They appreciate the on-going encouragement and support they have received from family members. Asked to identify their greatest strengths, they write, “Love, having parented four children, and lots and lots of patience.”

The Walthours have not encountered any major obstacles since Angelica joined the household. They appreciate that their daughter’s medical needs will be covered by Medicaid until she reaches age 18 in a few months. On this topic, they respectfully ask policy makers to
revise the statutes so that youth who are still in high school past age 18 would have continued coverage. They have an additional request as
well – “More support for LGBTQ families.”

Mark and Vallerie offer advice to others considering adopting foster children: “Do it! The rewards for giving a child a home and love are