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Meet the Ballard Family!

"I get a place to stay and be safe forever."

The Ballard Family, Missouri I get a place to stay and be safe forever. After raising two other children, Linden and Jamie Ballard decided to add a preteen to their household. They adopted 11-year-old Taylor this past summer. Several factors combined to propel Linden and Jamie to adopt a foster child: a local public service announcement, their awareness of children in need of families, Jamie’s involvement with Cherish Kids, and “just knowing that God has called our family to do our part!” Additional influences lie in Jamie having been herself adopted as a foster child, and Linden’s parents having adopted several children.

Taylor entered foster care the month before her 7 th birthday. Prior to that time, she helped to care for her three younger siblings. While her new parents appreciate her nature, they are trying to help Taylor learn how to simply enjoy childhood. Jamie comments on how well Taylor fits in with the rest of the Ballard family, stating, “She’s a pea to our pod!”   The Ballard family includes 24-year-old daughter Chloe, who lives in SC, and 19-year-old son Hayden, who attends college and lives on campus. Both young adults are proud of their parents for reaching out to a child in need. They are becoming increasingly fond of their new younger sister. 

Taylor writes about herself, “I’m a good addition to my family.” Jamie and Linden agree wholeheartedly: “She is just a jewel. She was worth the wait.” Taylor says of her new parents, “They are good to me and love me. They are choosing me to be theirs.”

The Ballards promote adoption at every opportunity. Jamie writes, “I sing the praises of adoption loud and proud. We don’t listen to the nay-sayers.” Taylor has advice for others who might be in a position to consider adopting: “There are a lot of kids who need a chance and aren’t treated right so don’t know how to love or be loved until someone keeps trying. Always try.”