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Meet the Taylor Family from Utah

UT Taylor Family
The Taylor Family
The Taylor Family

The Taylor Family, Utah

We have seen our hearts grow in ways we never thought possible.

By blending adopted children with one born to them, Christina and Christopher Taylor have created a beautiful, sweet family. The Taylor children are Mariel, age 8; Thomas, age 6; Emily, age 4; and foster baby Joseph, age 1. Joseph’s adoption is scheduled to occur this month.

The Taylors explain their decision to adopt after Mariel was born. “We had the space in our home and our hearts for more children, and we wanted to help a sibling group stay together.” A brother and sister pair, Thomas and Emily arrived to the Taylor family at ages 3 and 1, after multiple foster placements.    

These little ones brought with them huge challenges due to their early life neglect and trauma. Mental health therapy, Individualized Educational Plans, and ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) are some of the services used to address their needs.  A source of frustration has been finding the therapies that will best benefit their children and also be covered by Medicaid.

Once safely enfolded into the Taylor family’s circle of love, Thomas and Emily were able to develop their outgoing personalities. Both are sociable and eager to make new friends. Impulsive at times, Thomas has a generous heart.  He enjoys riding his bike, jumping on the trampoline, and playing with his siblings. Occasionally “feisty and stubborn,’” Emily is generally sweet and generous. Her favorite activities are playing dress-up with a friend, playing Barbies with her big sister, and coloring. Both children like to help mom cook.

Mariel relishes her role as the attentive big sister.  When not playing with her younger siblings, she reads, does crafts and art projects, rides her scooter, and plays with friends. Mariel is passionate about ocean life and is already planning for a career as a marine biologist.

Asked about obstacles they have overcome through the adoption process, Christina explains, “We have had to learn to open our hearts, especially after the grief and loss of saying goodbye to those we love. In fostering children, this is just part of the process.” These wise parents sought counseling to help Mariel grieve the loss of foster siblings who left the home after an extended stay.

Their faith has played “a huge role” in the Taylors’s adoption process. “We relied heavily on the support of our God and our church community.”

Christina and Christopher Taylor respectfully ask policymakers to ensure that States provide more support after adoption, especially for children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

Reflecting on their adoption journey,  Christopher wrote, “Family is at the center of why we are here on this earth. Adoption is a beautiful way to welcome more people into that circle of love.”  Christina adds, “Through the adoption process, we have seen our hearts grow in ways we never thought possible.”