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Meet the Sanchez Adoptive Family from Kansas

Our faith spurred us to pursue foster care and adoption.

Audra and Scott Sanchez proudly introduce their most recent family member. Five-year-old Jacob Cruz Sanchez came to them as a newborn foster child, and became a permanent family member through adoption at age 2.

The Sanchez family members enjoy the antics of this “very sweet and very funny little boy” who loves to make people laugh. Jacob is happiest when playing with his trucks and "diggers" in the dirt, or simply frolicking about outside. He declares that he can't wait to be a "baseball boy."

Jacob shares his parents with older sisters Ali, Isabel, and Lola; and older brother, Joaquin, who are the Sanchezes’ birth children. The family also continues to care for foster children. They currently have a sibling set of three.

This generous family has welcomed over 100 children into their home over the years! Audra observes, “This is what our children have always known because they were all so young when we started fostering. They struggle sometimes like normal siblings, but overall they treat the foster children like family from the start.”

Audra and Scott cite their Christian faith as their main source of motivation to become foster and adoptive parents. Local media was calling attention to a “foster care crisis” at the same time that the couple was studying relevant Bible passages about what the Lord requires. Scott comments, “Our faith is what spurred us to pursue foster care and adoption, and it is what sustains us to this day.”

The Sanchezes had a very smooth adoption. When Jacob’s birth mother realized she was not competent to parent, she asked them to adopt him. Audra comments, “We love her and hope she finds healing someday.”

Jacob is challenged by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD.) A case worker through Rainbows United has been helping Audra and Scott to understand their son’s disability and to obtain needed services. An IEP helps Jacob succeed at school.

Jacob’s disability was not known until well after his placement with the Sanchezes. When they began to notice “differences” between Jacob and other children his age, they sought a diagnosis. Mom notes, “We had already made up our minds that he was our son regardless.”

Audra and Scott thank members of Congress for the Federal Adoption Tax Credit. They hope policymakers will advocate for more training to foster and adoptive families on the effects of trauma on a child, as well as the impacts of secondary trauma on families. They also recommend more financial support for those adopting sibling groups. “We would love to adopt more children, but financially we're not sure we could support them the way we would like.”

Asked what adoption means to their family, the Sanchezes write, “Adoption is a beautiful picture of the Gospel. Through Christ, we are brought into God's family. Through adoption we bring a child without a family into ours, as complete.”