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Meet the Norris-Bell Family from California!


 The Norris-Bell Family, California

“From the moment she was brought to us by the social worker, we’ve loved her unconditionally.”

Marcus Bell and Clare Norris-Bell are the proud parents of daughter Melonie, a 4-year-old who is so outgoing that she has become better known in the neighborhood than either of her parents. Marcus and Clare describe their daughter’s talents and interests, “Melonie has been dancing since before she could walk. She loves jazz, gospel, and hip-hop music. One of her favorite toys is a small keyboard that belonged to her ‘baba’ (Marcus) when he was a boy. She loves to go to the studio with her baba and help him write songs.” Extended family members have been involved in Melonie’s life since she first came into the Norris-Bell home. Clare’s parents live just one mile away and they have been extremely active in Melonie’s care. An aunt who lives nearby and runs a pet-care company helps nurture Melonie’s love of animals. The little girl loves to visit Aunt Lauren and play with as many as 18 dogs that Aunt Lauren might be boarding at her house.