National Adoption Month Award Nominations

Every November, during National Adoption Month, Voice For Adoption honors individuals and organizations that have made a difference for children and families involved with the United States child welfare system.  This year, we’re also pleased to be adding awards for a special family and young adult who have used their voices to champion the needs of these kids.  Please take a moment to consider nominating someone you know for one of these prestigious awards today!

Nominations for the National Adoption Month Awards are open! This year VFA has four awards which individuals are eligible for.

1. The Drenda Lakin Memorial Award for Continuing Service to Adoptive Families Award honors a state, nonprofit organization, or individual whose programs provide valuable adoptive family support after adoptions are finalized.

2. The Breaking Barriers Adoption Award is presented to a state, county, tribal child welfare agency, or dedicated individual that has made diligent efforts in overcoming barriers, which can include age, geographic, and/or special needs, to find permanent families for children waiting to be adopted.

3. The Family Advocacy Champion Award is a new award in 2020, aligned closely with the newly revised mission of Voice for Adoption, which honors a family that has chosen to use their experiences within the US Child Welfare System to advocate for and promote Adoption, Guardianship, Relational Permanence, or Reunification within their city, state or region through legislative testimony, participation on boards or task forces, interaction with the media, or other public outreach.

4. The Using My Story for Positive Change Award is a new award in 2020, aligned closely with the newly revised mission of Voice for Adoption, which honors a former Foster Youth or Young Adult, who has used their voice to advocate for and promote changes to practice, policy or law within their city, state, region, or at the national level to encourage and promote the connection of every child to safe, loving and permanent families.

Know someone you want to nominate? Click here to do so. The deadline to apply is September 30th. Awards will be announced at this year's Adoptive Family Portrait Project reception, beginning at 3pm.

Past winners include:

2018 Drenda Lakin Memorial Award Winner Adam Pertman 

2018 Breaking Barriers Adoption Award Winner Gail Johnson Vaughan

2017 Drenda Lakin Memorial Award Presented to Heather T. Forbes

2017 Breaking Barriers Adoption Award Presented to Ampersand Families

2017 Drenda Lakin Memorial Award Awardee, Pamela L