Voice for Adoption (VFA) develops and advocates for improved adoption policies. Recognized as a national leader in special needs adoption, VFA works closely with federal and state legislators, as well as other child welfare organizations, to make a difference in the lives of children who are waiting to be adopted and adoptive families. VFA can help your organization easily track and understand what’s happening in Congress and federal agencies as they work on adoption and foster care issues. As a member of VFA, your organization will receive the following benefits:

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  • Weekly e-mail updates on child welfare reports, policy developments, and other news from the adoption community
  • Monthly public policy conference calls that provide updates on policy issues, give members a chance to ask questions about child welfare policy, and let members provide input to the organization
  • E-mail alerts with breaking news on federal adoption policy developments, information on how to contact policymakers, and other child welfare news
  • Being part of a national coalition representing the interests of waiting children and youth to members of Congress and other key policy makers

Organization’s Annual Budget*:

Organization’s Annual Budget*:

Annual Membership Dues:

Less than $300,000


Between $300,000 and $1,000,000


More than $1,000,000


Individual Member Categories:

Annual Membership Dues:

Individual members

$50 (additional donations appreciated)

* Organizations that participate on the board of directors and thereby lead the organization and set the policy agenda, pay annual membership dues of $3,800.  If an organization wishes to participate at this level, please contact the Executive Director.