Voice for Adoption advocates for the 118,000 children in foster care waiting to be adopted.
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Voice for Adoption advocates for the 118,000 children in foster care waiting to be adopted.
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Voice for Adoption partners with the Center for American Progress and the Family Equality Council

Family Equality Council

Center for American Progress

The Center for American Progress just launched the Welcoming All Families Project, a storytelling partnership with Family Equality Council’s Every Child Deserves A Family Campaign. We need more foster and adoptive homes—not fewer. Discrimination against LGBTQ prospective parents must be stopped. We need to lift up the voices of people and families directly affected by these harmful laws, as well as the voices of child welfare leaders, faith leaders and other allies.


Every Child

Voice for Adoption believes that every child deserves the benefit of a safe and loving family to call their own.

Every Family

Voice for Adoption believes that children do better in families than in foster care or group homes.

Voice for Adoption Duty

Voice for Adoption believes that it is our duty to advocate for the children in care waiting to be adopted, and the families that adopt them.

Attention Adoption Agencies and Other Frontline Services Providers


  • We are seeking to identify post-adoption support programs that may meet the criteria to be included in the list of services that states can offer under the Family First Act. Under the Family First Act, a state (if they choose the option) can provide up to 12 months of in-home services, mental health and/or substance abuse treatment and prevention services. Specifically we are looking for post-adoptive services that; 
  1. Have a manual
  2. Do not cause harm
  3. Contain data to support no harmful actions are being taken
  • Please consider responding to our survey below regarding your agency's post-adoption services, if you have multiple options in your community please feel free to submit multiple surveys to outline all of the services available. Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation. 


Source: United States Department of Health & Human Services, Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS), Data from FY 2016, Estimates as of October 2017
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