Voice for Adoption advocates for the 118,000 children in foster care waiting to be adopted.
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Voice for Adoption advocates for the 118,000 children in foster care waiting to be adopted.
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Voice for Adoption focuses our advocacy on achieving better outcomes for the 112,000 children in US foster care who are waiting to be adopted and the families who adopt children and youth from foster care. We believe that every child deserves and needs a permanent family. We support all forms of permanence that provide children with true, life-long family connections.

2017 VFA Advocacy Priorities

Supporting Support Services for Adoptive and Guardianship Families — VFA calls for increased and dedicated federal funding for post-adoption and post-guardianship services and supports to these families to ensure the safety and well-being of children.

  • VFA urges Congress to reauthorize and increase Title IV-B, part 2 (Promoting Safe and Stable Families) funding designated for post-adoption services and maintain or increase the required investment in post-adoption and post-guardianship resulting from the adoption assistance Title IV-E de-link.
  • VFA encourages Congress to identify new and enhanced federal funding opportunities for post-adoption services, including opening Title IV-E funding to post-placement services as proposed in the 2016 Families First legislation.
  • VFA urges HHS to continue to track and report on how states are investing in post-adoption and post-guardianship services at least 20 percent of the savings from the adoption assistance IV-E de-link and to provide guidance to states on the re-investment requirement.

Voice for Adoption partners with the Center for American Progress and the Family Equality Council

Family Equality Council

Center for American Progress

The Center for American Progress just launched the Welcoming All Families Project, a storytelling partnership with Family Equality Council’s Every Child Deserves A Family Campaign. We need more foster and adoptive homes—not fewer. Discrimination against LGBTQ prospective parents must be stopped. We need to lift up the voices of people and families directly affected by these harmful laws, as well as the voices of child welfare leaders, faith leaders and other allies.



The 13th Annual Adoptive Family Portrait Project

13th Annual Adoptive Family Portrait ProjectThe project took months to complete, and the month of November was the month in which the project was celebrated.

In November, the Voice for Adoption and the United States gave special attention to adoption. We celebrated adoptive parents. We honored the experiences and resiliency of youth who have been in foster care. We validated the significant challenges that may arise during the adoption journey. We highlighted policies that are sometimes barriers to adoption and/or barriers to meeting the ongoing needs of adopted children. We gave a platform for families to share their experiences and use their voices to be advocates for other children and families. We brought greater awareness to the need for more loving people to provide permanent families to the 118,000 children and youth across the country who are still waiting for the chance to grow up feeling wanted in a stable family. We done all of this to bring more attention to an issue that deserves it.


Every Child

Voice for Adoption believes that every child deserves the benefit of a safe and loving family to call their own.

Every Family

Voice for Adoption believes that children do better in families than in foster care or group homes.

Voice for Adoption Duty

Voice for Adoption believes that it is our duty to advocate for the children in care waiting to be adopted, and the families that adopt them.

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  • Support Voice for Adoption, in being the leading voice in Washington, D.C. on issues of domestic adoptions, and special needs adoption – we believe that every child deserves a permanent and loving family.
  • Fight stigma and encourage understanding that no child is unadoptable.
  • Easily track and understand what's happening in Congress and federal agencies as they work on adoption and foster care issues.
  • Support our work advocating on behalf of waiting children to be and adoptive families.
  • Be part of a unified coalition of agencies, organizations, and individuals aligned with the common go of helping to improve the lives and outcomes of the half a million children in foster care and the 118,000 waiting to be adopted.
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  • Monthly public policy conference calls that provide updates on policy issues, give members a chance to ask questions about child welfare policy, and let members provide input to the organization
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