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What's New

Voice for Adoption's Response to Notice of Proposed Rule-making by Health and Human Services

What is the Health and Human Services (HHS) Proposed Rule?

  • HHS seeks to stop requiring grantees to follow non-discriminaiton rules in order to receive funding
  • This new proposed rule would allow for federally funded agencies to discriminate on the following
    • Religion
    • Sexual oriantation
    • Marital status
    • and more...


Response from Voice for Adoption

  • This is not the best interest of our nations children in foster care
  • This will hinder the nation from caring for the more than 687,000 children who will spend part of their lives in foster care this year
  • We have roughly 430,000 children in foster care at a given time, during a time with so many are waiting for a loving family we need every viable parent we can get
  • Prolonging a childs stay in foster care by allowing such discriminations can lead to negitve outcomes for that child in the long run
  • Foster care is suppsoed to be a "short term haven"... it should not be a place where kids spend their whole childhood in


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