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Role of Adverse Child Hood Experiences (ACEs) on Adults

"How do we go from a newborn with extraordinary potential to the man lying on the street whom we overlook"- Dr. Vincent J. Felitti, MD


Dr. Felitti's and Dr. Anda's study on Adverse Childhood Expericenes (ACEs) and the affects of these on adults is a very thought provoking. Their study focused on obesity and how this idea is usually seen as the main problem, when in reality there are hidden issues which are the main issues that cause obesity in the first place. These issues or ACEs range from abuse to neglect to household dysfunction.

Below are the Main Takeaways from this Study:

  1. ACEs are very common, and disturbing , hence they are mostly unrecognized
  2. They are powerful predictors of adult social malfunction, emotional distress, health risks, disease, and premature death
  3. This combinaiton makes ACEs the leading determinant of the health, social well-being, and economy of the nation
  4. 67% experienced at least one category of ACE. If one category exists there is a 87% chance of there being a second one and a 50% chance of there being a third one present


Here is a Youtube Video Describing the Study in more Detail by Dr. Felitti