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Recap: First Focus's Children's Budget Summit 2019


“The downward trend in the federal share of spending on children means that spending on children’s programs is not growing at the same rate as other federal programs. Rather than invest substantial resources in initiatives that are proven to improve children’s well-being—and, as a result, bolster our nation’s economic future—policymakers have left funding for children as an afterthought.” - First Focus, Children’s Budget 2019 

Children's Budget 2019, First Focus on Children 


First Focus presented and released their 13th annual Children’s Budget Publication on September 10th. This publication is a comprehensive analysis of how kids and families have been faring in the federal budget over the past five years. Unfortunately, the budget appropriated to children continues to shrink, and child poverty continues to grow. 


President of First Focus, Bruce Lesley, pointed out that children are often an afterthought on all policy. Children are not taken into account, kids are not seen as a political issue to the majority of people. Fortunately, Congresswoman Deb Haaland of New Mexico made promising remarks in regards to her efforts in prioritizing and influencing child welfare. 


Dr. Manuel Pastor, USC professor and author, discussed his research on economic and social issues and inequality. His research shows that both diversity and income equality are increasing, and children are being left behind. 


Marcus Littles, Founder and Senior Partner of Frontline Solutions, fights against discrimination based on race, gender, and sexual orientation. We at Voice for Adoption also fight against these discriminations in the adoption and foster care system. We advocate for equal opportunities for all children and parents in or involved in the adoption and foster care system. 


A big takeaway from this presentation was the recurring theme that parents need to be a voice for children. Children cannot fight for themselves, they need their parents to fight for their rights in order to form policy and better their futures. Unfortunately, many of those in the foster care and adoption system do not have parental backing. They need organizations like Voice for Adoption and partnering agencies to fight for their rights and to influence policy on their behalf.

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