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Meet The Yeagley Family!

“We are a family that pulls together and helps each other out.”

Jeff and Dana must have truly enjoyed parenthood, because after their children were grown, they adopted four youngsters. These are: Kenzie, age 11; Aubrey, 9; Kaycee, 7; and Keegan, 8 months. All four are biological siblings, adopted at different times. Dana explains, “It was extremely important for us to keep the siblings together.”

The Yeagleys proudly describe their newest additions:

Outgoing Kenzie loves to learn and to entertain others. She shows great compassion for other children. Kenzie participates in sports, acting, and singing.

Aubrey is a peacemaker who tries to make everyone happy. She likes drawing, riding her bike, swimming, and sports.

Kaycee is decisive, determined, and extremely helpful to others. This little girl loves swimming, playing with friends, being creative, and helping to care for babies.

Keegan, the only boy, is “basically a prince.” He has an infectious smile and contagious laugh. Keegan is easy-going and likes to be held.

The Yeagley household includes Jeff's mother, who enjoys interacting with the children. They will sometimes get to "hang out" in Grandma's room and watch TV. Jeff and Dana’s birth children are all married and they visit a few times a week. “Our grandchildren love coming over and playing with our 2nd round of kids.”

This multi-generational family’s strengths lie in their faith in God and in their support for each other. Dana observes, “We are a family that pulls together and helps each other out. We are very close.”

Dana and Jeff are thankful for post adoption services. “Medicaid has been a huge blessing. We are also utilizing therapy for the children. There is significant trauma for most foster children. Even when they are adopted into a loving home, those events in their pasts don’t just go away.”

The Yeagleys ask policy makers to improve the child welfare system by providing better training, higher pay, and lower caseload numbers for caseworkers to reduce the high turn-over rate.

Asked what adoption means to her, Kenzie replied, “Adoption means that you are forever with that family and can trust them because you know you will never leave.” Kaycee advises other children, “When you get adopted you might think it's going to be scary, but once you get to know them it's not scary.” Aubrey adds, “When you get adopted, you feel really happy and you might cry.”