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Meet the Stanley Family from Minnesota!


"Teens are amazing!"

After having spent two years in foster care, personable Martez (“Tez”) entered his teen years with the reassurance that he had found his permanent family. The 13-year-old came to live with Pete and Kaycee Stanley in March, and his adoption was completed in July.

The Stanleys describe their new son as “funny, charming, and super outgoing.” They also note his incredible wit and memory. Kaycee observes, “People are drawn to Tez like bugs to a light!”  Like many boys his age, Martez enjoys sports, Pokémon, and videogames.

Martez is the first, and thus far the only child, in the Stanley household. When others comment on a childless couple adopting a teen, the Stanleys explain, “We just fell in love with Tez—his heart and his personality.”

Pete and Kaycee were long aware of the need for families for older youth. They cite their local church as a huge influence in their pursuing adoption from foster care. “Our faith has been the biggest factor in our desire to adopt,” the explain. Their church community has also rallied around the family “with all kinds of support.”

The Stanleys appreciate the post-adoption services offered by the State of Minnesota.  Family counseling has been especially useful: “Our counselor helps us to address concerns before they become more serious issues.”

Professional services are helpful, but the Stanleys approach to life is also wonderfully healing. Asked to describe their family, Pete writes, “We are all very playful. We love to joke around, and we all value humor and laughter. We are affectionate and we work hard to communicate well.”

Pete and Kaycee are thankful for the public services — such as counseling and the federal Adoption Tax Credit — but they note that their pre-adoption training wasn’t so great: “It felt like we were just checking off boxes to cover legal requirements; it wasn't actually about the kids at all.” 

The Stanleys urge others considering adoption not to rule out teenagers. “Teens are amazing! Our son is incredibly mature, kind, sweet, and affectionate. He is going to be a great brother as we adopt more kids down the road!”