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Meet the Roberts Family from Colorado!


Having a family is one of the best things that ever happened for me.

Due to their family’s myriad experiences, adoption was a logical choice for Anthony and Vontrice Roberts. Anthony's grandparents had fostered over 100 children during their lifetime, and various other family members have fostered, adopted, or taken care of non-biological children. In addition, Anthony himself was adopted as a newborn.  

Unlike Anthony’s parents, he and Vontrice chose to adopt an older child from foster care. Anthony writes, “We recognized that older children have the most difficulty getting adopted. As a result, many have very difficult early adulthood experiences. We felt we could do a small part in addressing this issue through adopting an older child.”

Anthony and Vontrice couldn’t be more pleased with the young woman who has become their daughter. They describe Tatianya, age 12, as outgoing, friendly, artistic, and athletic. She loves to do artwork, she participates in aerial dance, basketball, and volleyball, and she is enthusiastic about trying new foods. Tatianya entered foster care at age 7, and her adoption was completed at age 11. 

The Adoption Exchange provided the Roberts with information and direction early in the adoption process. They referred the couple to Adoption Options, which continues to be a significant resource. The Roberts also garner support and encouragement from their extended family members and from their faith community – Denver United Church – which includes a number of adoptive and pre-adoptive families.  

The Roberts wisely recognized the need for professional services to help them adjust to their new relationships, and to help Tatianya address some issues from her past. 

The family has used mental health counseling, covered by Medicaid, and tutoring through the local CASA office. Vontrice and Anthony are thankful that these important services were easily accessible. Family counseling has helped them to be more open and honest with one another. Anthony observes, “Becoming a family is a journey and family counseling has made a safe space for us to do the hard work of bonding.”

Since joining the Roberts family, Tatianya has been creating new, happier memories. A favorite is when her parents took her to Florida (where they are from) to meet her new extended family.” They threw me a big birthday party and I got to spend the weekend with my cousins.”

Asked what adoption means to her, Tatianya states, “It means not having to move to new homes anymore and having parents who will always be there for me.”  She exuberantly adds, “Having a family is one of the best things that ever happened for me!”

The Roberts respectfully suggest that policymakers do whatever they can to help make adoption more affordable so that more qualified people can adopt children in foster care.

COLORADO - There are 997 children waiting to be adopted. There were 910 children adopted in the last year (AFCARS).