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Meet Our New Policy Associate Intern Cicely Berzack

Hi Everyone! My name is Cicely Berzack and I am a Junior at Georgetown University, studying Government with minors in Psychology and Sociology. After my undergraduate studies, I plan to pursue a law degree and work within the criminal sector as a defense attorney. I was born in China and adopted by my parents when I was 10 months old. I currently live in St. Louis, Missouri with my Mother, Father, and younger Brother and Sister. In my free time, I enjoy running, reading, good coffee, and conversation. 

As an adoptee, I am very passionate about Voice For Adoption’s mission and dedication to helping children find forever homes. Growing up a Chinese-American in a white household in a predominantly white area, I navigated challenges most people could never imagine. My parents did their best to expose me to and educate me about my Chinese background, however, I spent most of my younger years attempting to distance myself from anything that made me different.

As I got older and traveled outside my small town, I began to embrace those parts of me that made me different. I am the only person who can define who I am and I am proud to be an adopted Chinese-American. 

 My family means the world to me and my parents have been nothing short of incredible. My journey navigating the ups and downs involved in adoption and immigration has not always been easy and is not over, but the strong foundation and continued support my family provides in unparalleled. I believe every child deserves a family that loves them unconditionally and will support them throughout their entire life. I am so thankful for my adoptive family and to be able to work with Voice For Adoption to help give every child a loving family.