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What's New

Meet one of VFA's New Policy Interns, Max Mihaylov


Hi my name is Maximilian Mihaylov, but most people just call me Max. I was born in Winter Park Florida, a bit ironic considering the weather is always warm there. I was raised in the town of Ann Arbor Michigan, and began studying at Michigan State University in the fall of 2015. 

My whole life I have been around children, my first ever job was actually as a counselor at the camp that I myself had attended in my younger childhood. This taught me how much joy children bring into this world as well as how much work they can be. Ever since then I have found myself working or volunteering for anyone that works with or for kids. This lead me to find Voice for Adoption when looking for internships in Washington DC. I actually first heard about VFA from my supervisor Vicki Shaver, and after reading about the organization I knew I had to apply. I was lucky enough to be hired as an intern for the fall and hope to truly make the most of it.

When it comes to policy sometimes I am taken aback by how little Congress seem to care about protecting our children, and especially when it comes to children in the foster care system. I see the work that VFA does and consider it vital. I wish to push for policies that will not only help children in the foster care system, but also make those who are not as aware of the current issues more aware. I hope to help VFA maintain its status as the top non profit when it comes to advocating for adoption and children's rights. 

In the future I hope to springboard my career through VFA. I want to make connections with passionate people such as myself and I believe this is a great place to do that. I hope to continue my work after VFA for companies that truly have the people’s best interests at heart using the base I have built here at VFA.