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Meet the Nichols Family from Nevada!


The Nichols Family, Nevada            

It's hard, but so worth it.

Christopher and Michelle Nichols were contemplating starting a family when Clark County contacted them about a newborn in need of a safe foster home. Bella Rose Christine was discharged from the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) into their home at age 2 weeks. 

Bella’s birth father is Michelle’s brother; that is why the agency sought out the Nichols to provide “kinship care.” The couple was able to adopt their new daughter 13 months after her arrival. 

Now a busy 2-year-old, Bella is fun-loving and strong-willed. She enjoys coloring, singing, and active play. She has remained relatively healthy the past few months. Her parents have become diligent and proactive regarding Bella’s well-being. 

The Nicholses are thankful for Medicaid, and their monthly Adoption Assistance that all help to meet Bella’s needs. They also appreciate the Federal Adoption Tax Credit, which they used to upgrade their house to make it more toddler-friendly.

The family has faced several obstacles in adoption. For example, they were unsuccessful in their attempts to gain custody of Bella’s older biological brother upon learning that he had entered foster care. He has since been adopted by his foster family.

Michelle and Christopher have relied upon their faith, encouragement from family members, and their own perseverance to address disappointments.

To the Nicholses, adoption means they are “a forever family.” To others contemplating foster care adoption, they write, “It's hard, but so worth it. We have our daughter now.”


NEVADA - There are 1,664 children waiting to be adopted. There were 760 children adopted in the last year (AFCARS).