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Meet the Monte Family from Maryland!


The Monte Family, Maryland    

Adoption is definitely a rollercoaster but it’s worth it in the end.

By adopting through foster care, Samuel and Galadriel Monte have created a loving, cohesive family. In a period of just five years, the couple became the happy parents of six charming youngsters.

Several factors motivated the Montes to adopt, including a long desire to do so, fertility issues, and an awareness of the need for families for older children. On their applications, they expressed their openness to children of different ethnicities, children with disabilities, and siblings. All of their children entered foster care early in life, as babies or toddlers, and they were adopted between ages 2 and 7.

The Montes proudly introduce their children. Xavier, age 11, is a caring and fun-loving young man who enjoys music and participates on a competitive cheerleading team. Quiet and helpful Elijah, age 10, enjoys bowling, reading, and playing games. Martha and Odessa, 8-year-old twins, also enjoy cheerleading on a competitive team. Martha is full of spirit and perseverance. Odessa is very loving and eager to help. Spunky and kind Juliana, age 6, enjoys reading, playing with her toys, and being part of a cheerleading team. Nehemiah (“Nemo”), age 3, enjoys going to school, playing, and reading Pete the Cat books.

The Montes regularly venture out as a family to go fishing, see movies, and visit various museums and zoos. One-on-one time with a parent is among the each child’s favorite activities.

Some of the children have developmental delays or other challenges due to their histories. These compassionate, astute parents are becoming educated in many arenas, including so they can be their children’s best advocates. 

Post adoption services the family has used include counseling; medical care; and speech, physical, and occupational therapies. The Montes are thankful that their private insurance provided some services that Medicaid did not cover. 

To meet the needs of their large family, the Montes have chosen for Galadriel to be an at-home parent. Samuel’s career as a pastor gives him some flexibility as well to attend to the children’s needs.  

Asked the greatest obstacle they have faced, Samuel and Galadriel agree, “The length of time getting to adoption.” The couple has also encountered occasional negative comments by others about the size and composition of their family. Their faith, their love for their children, and their strong support network help them overlook these unpleasant experiences.  

If they could make a few suggestions to policy makers, those would be to provide better mental health coverage and to offer more post adoption support systems and services.

The Montes use every opportunity to educate others about family-building through adoption. They write, “Adoption is a part of our lives and how our family was created.” To others considering adoption, they advise, “Foster care and adoption is definitely a rollercoaster, but it’s worth it in the end.”


MARYLAND - There are 385 children waiting to be adopted. There were 353 children adopted in the last year (AFCARS).