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Meet the Gibson Family!


"Adoption is very rewarding, but it is not for the faint at heart.”


The Gibsons graciously accepted every child they were offered, helping some reunite with their birth family, and adopting those who could not. First they were asked to take Becky and Stormy (not in photo), children of the Gibsons relatives, who arrived at ages 15 and 17. Next came Whitney and Tommy, the children of a foster mom who attended the Gibsons church but became too ill to care for them. These two arrived at ages 13 and 10. Now 23 and 21, they are each living on their own and holding responsible jobs.


A second pair of siblings, Dalton, now age 11, and David, age 9, came to the Gibsons as little tykes- a 2-year-old and a 4-months-old. Next to join the family was Catlin, now 13, who arrived at age 5. Her adoption was completed three years later.


After Fostering several youth and adopting five of them, the Gibsons finally received newborns. Aaliegham now age 7, arrived at age 5 days and was adopted at 2. Youngest child Elouise, now age 5, also arrived as a newborn. Her adoption occurred three years later. With their children’s ranges in ages, personalities, and interests, life in the Gibson household is always lively. All Share a love of the outdoors and a deep regard for each other.