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Meet the Ganiere Family from Wisconsin!


"Immensely more beautiful!"

Charonne and Kevin Ganiere always wanted to adopt, and they were both aware of the need for families for children in state custody. They decided to add to their family when their two young birth sons reached grade school ages.

The Ganiere’s were open to fostering or adopting a sibling group, as well as children of different ethnicity, and children experiencing disabilities. Charonne explains the significance of these choices: “It's changed how our family looks and the things we can do and be involved in. It's certainly made family life more difficult at times, but also immensely more beautiful.”

Charonne and Kevin proudly introduce their large, diverse family: oldest sons Ryan and Aidan, ages 14, and 10; daughter Nylah, age 7; and youngest sons Judah and Elliot, ages 5 and 3. Also considered an integral part of the family is a 19-year-old who lived with the Gainere’s from 17-18 until he “aged out” of foster care.  

The three youngest children are biological siblings. Nylah came to the Ganiere’s when she entered foster care at age 4. Each of her brothers was placed into the home as a newborn upon discharge from the hospital. The older two of these siblings have struggled with emotional and developmental challenges. Nylah has required therapeutic support due to trauma and anxiety disorder. Judah has received occupational therapy to address processing and fine motor delays. 

In the relatively short time they have become a family, the children have all adjusted well. Mom reports, “They are all smart, and incredibly strong, both physically and emotionally.” Relieved of having to worry about her safety, Nylah is learning to enjoy childhood. She participates in gymnastics, which she is now doing competitively. A soccer enthusiast, Judah loves playing with his siblings.

Little Elliot’s happiest moment is when Daddy comes home from work. Kind-hearted Ryan and Aidan have learned to share their home, their possessions, and their parents’ attention with “the little three” as the family affectionately refers to their youngest members. The Ganiere’s favorite shared family activities are attending sporting events, playing at parks, and getting together with their neighbors. 

Charonne and Kevin worked with Children's Hospital Community Services through the adoption process. One challenge they faced in accessing post adoption services was finding an appropriate mental health counselor who accepted state insurance.

Once in place, counseling made a huge impact upon their lives. They report, “It has taught us how our ‘little three’ perceive love and safety, and what we need to do to help them when they feel scared.”

Asked about obstacles they have overcome, Charonne writes, “The needs of the little three have been hard on the whole family and especially on the older two boys. But we continue learning to understand each other better.” Charonne and Kevin credit “faith and community” with supporting and encouraging them both before and after the adoptions.  

Thanking members of Congress for Federal Adoption Tax Credit, the Ganiere’s respectfully request that legislators advocate for more support for birthparents in order to keep families together, and more service providers who accept Medicaid.