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Meet the Dixon Family!

Having already successfully raised two children through the adolescent years, Trina Dixon did not hesitate to “start over” when contacted by DFS (Department of Family Services). The agency informed her that two children she had previously known needed a safe, permanent family.  Deliah (“Leah”) and Reggie (“Jay,”) now ages 15 and 14, are grateful for their new mom’s generosity of spirit.

Trina, along with her young adult son Tyler and daughter Faith, are all delighted with their new family members. Leah and Jay have enlivened the household with their happy laughter. Mom says that this brother and sister pair “feed off each other’s positive energy.”  Leah loves to listen to music and to dance. Jay keeps busy with basketball and video games. Tyler and Faith,  now ages 24 and 20, have warmly welcomed Leah and Jay, helping the new pair settle in and helping everyone adjust to the new family dynamics.

Leah and Jay have two other biological siblings, Lily, age 17, who now resides  in foster care with the Dixon’s, and Keyarra, age 21. (The photo  includes all of them and Keyarra’s young daughter.) Trina explains, “I knew all four siblings. I had planned to take them in before they went into foster care in 2012, but we lost contact.”  DFS sought out Trina because she is considered “kin” due to being the children’s godmother. Lily has recently asked Trina to adopt her as an adult after she “ages out” of foster care in August. Trina will be happy to comply.

Trina did not encounter any obstacles in the adoption process with DFS. She has been pleased with the post adoption services the family has received, initially through Healthy Minds and currently through F.A.C.T. (Family and Child Treatment of Southern Nevada).

Asked about the factors that influenced her reactions and decision-making during and after the adoption process, Trina writes, “God has truly been at the forefront of this whole process. I knew this was the right thing to do when I found out that the children were in foster care.” Trina also reports, “My older daughter has helped me tremendously with the additions to the household.”
Ms. Dixon respectfully asks policymakers to assure that financial supports begin immediately when children are placed into “kinship” families for foster care. “I was blessed enough to support them on my own for four months, but it wasn’t easy.”
A favorite family memory for the Dixon’s was last year’s Spring Break trip to California. Leah and Jay especially enjoyed the beaches and Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.
Asked what “adoption” and “family” mean to them, all the Dixon’s agree: “Family means unity; Adoption means showing love to ones who have been hurt and feel abandoned.”

Adoption means showing love to ones who have been hurt and feel abandoned.

To others thinking about adopting a child, Trina advises, “Follow your heart. It takes a lot of patience and understanding. Communicate frequently.”