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Meet the Clark Family!


"Family means that no matter what, someone’s got your back.”

Arnie and Debbie Clark proudly introduce their son Evan, a loving and determined 10-year-old with an abundance of energy and a great sense of humor. Like many boys his age, Evan is constantly “on the go.” He enjoys swimming, playing at the local playground, and riding his bike. He is eager to learn new things and he loves to travel with his family.

The new family Evan joined at age 9 has provided him with not only two devoted parents, but also with two doting older sisters and an attentive big brother. Hailey is a 19-year-old young woman who attends college, works part time, and plays volleyball. Harley is an athletic and ambitious 17-year-old who enjoys hunting, snowboarding, and playing basketball. Youngest daughter Allison, 14, participates in theater and earns spending money as a babysitter, dog walker, and house sitter.