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Meet the Blansit Family from Missouri!


Helping to mold a child’s life for good is definitely worth it.

Throughout their careers as pastors, Jack and Nancy Blansit had firsthand experience with struggling families and neglected children. In addition to raising their own family, they had cared for others’ children “off and on” throughout their years. It came as no surprise to those who know them when the couple recently reached out to a young girl in need of a home.

Nancy explains, “Our newest daughter, Katrina, is a member of a sibling group of five. Three of her siblings were adopted by our son Ryan and his wife Sarah. We initially had Katrina's older sister; however, she was reunified with her biological father. It was extremely important to keep the remaining siblings together.” Nancy and Jack adopted Katrina at age 7, after the little girl had lived in foster care for 2 years. 

Now a sports-loving 9-year-old, Katrina demonstrates a strong passion for plants and nature. Katrina is motivated to excel in school, and her family members all continue to encourage her with positive affirmation and affection.

Adoption was not a new venture for Nancy and Jack. They had adopted their older daughter, Brooke, (now age 31) as a 6-month-old. 

In addition to the desire to keep the siblings connected, another factor that motivated the Blansits to adopt again was the memory of a statement their son Todd had once made: “You're never more like Jesus than when you reach down and help a child."

Katrina and her siblings were all pleased with the family’s adoption plans. Although they live in two separate households, they see each other frequently and they know they will never lose touch. All the Blansits keep in close contact and get together several times each week.

Aware of the challenges that result from early childhood neglect, Jack and Nancy are diligent in seeking services to help Katrina heal and thrive. They credit FosterAdopt Connect and their church community with encouraging and supporting them throughout all stages of the adoption process. 

The Blansits define “family” as "loving each other even when we don't agree with each other.” But one fact all agree on is that the love they feel for an adopted child is no different from what they feel for a biological child.

MISSOURI - There are 2,783 children waiting to be adopted. There were 1,798 children adopted in the last year (AFCARS).