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What's New

2018 Budget Fund Wins



VFA is proud to announce that with hard work and advocating, there have been some historic advancements in the final federal budget for 2018. By working with Congress, federal policy makers, coalitions, and VFA members, we were able to make a difference in this process- and we couldn't have done it without their help. The following is a list of key funding wins:

  • A historic increase in the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) from $25 million to $85 million. The money is intended to assist states in implementing plans of safe care. It also represents the first increase in CAPTA funds since FY 2005, and is far and away a historic increase that has never been seen before. 
  • An increase in the Adoption and Kinship Incentive Fund to $75 million (increase of $37 million) which will help make up for last year’s shortfall and will leave funds available for the awards in September. A special thank you to our members who responded to our alerts and helped make this happen!
  • $40 million increase under Promoting Safe and Stable Families with $20 million to fund Kinship Navigator Programs and $20 million designated to supplement the current $20 million for Regional Partnership Grants (RPGs).


You can read more on the details of the funding here


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