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What's New

Welcome New Policy Intern Rachel Hervey

My name is Rachel Hervey and I am Voice for Adoption’s new policy intern. I am from Michigan State University and I will be working with Voice For Adoption until late April. Going into this internship, I wasn’t too informed on the entirety of adoption polices in the United States and the foster care system in general. Non-profit work has always been a big part of my life, and helping children is something I feel passionate about. I became interested in adoption policy when I learned one of my best friends from high school went through the foster care system as a young child. The child welfare system needs great people fighting for the nation’s children, and for our future.


I have learned so much in the past three weeks I have been working with Voice for Adoption and built my network. Attending policy committee meetings, meet and greets, and meetings on the Hill with members of Congress has allowed me a hands-on experience in the world of policy and child advocates. I had no idea how many people are working together, both in front of and behind the scenes, fighting for better lives for these children seeking their forever family. Each and every person I have met plays a vital role in the journey to find a permanent home, whether they are advocating for better foster care homes, minority groups in the system, or kinship care. There is a vast amount of issues across the table when it comes to child welfare, more than I ever thought possible.


I have also gained insight into one of the country’s serious problems we are facing: the opioid crisis. Opioids are being abused all over the nation, deteriorating local communities and tearing families apart. This crisis is causing an increased number of children to enter the foster care system, resulting in more children without a home. One of VFA’s main goals is to lower the number of children in the system and advocate for the reunification of families, when possible. I believe that Voice for Adoption, along with the others in the child welfare system, can help educate the nation on the opioid crisis and how we can fight it together.


I am so excited to learn more about adoption policy and foster care during my time with Voice for Adoption. I know there is so much to learn and I am excited to make a difference, no matter how small, in the lives of these children!